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Spinal Unloading

Living Motion System

Spinal compression or flattening of spinal discs are commonly associated with neck and back pain. This flattening of the spine has been shown to occur daily, within our normal circadian rhythm of sleeping and awake times of a full day. Studies have shown total height measured standing or sitting can decrease up to 3/4 of an inch between arising from sleeping to the end of the day. Deep sleep patterns are also very important for this rhythm of the spine to occur.

Small pilot studies have shown decompression or lengthening of the spine activities such as unloading exercises, stretching, swimming or prolonged time in outer space can be measured. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was measured 2 inches taller after a long stay in space.

Compression of the spine can easily be influenced by unloading of the spine with specific exercises and movements to enhance the length of the spine. The Living Motion System is a exercise and therapy tool we use for patients to learn the rhythmic lengthening of the spine.

Patient Benefits

  • Improves muscle stability and flexibility

  • Lengthen and balance your posture

  • Boost Energy and Improve Sleep

  • Great for moderate to intense exercise and stretching

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