Electric Current, Ultrasound & Diathermy

Electric Current Therapy

Therapeutic Treatment

Relax while soothing waves tingle away your discomfort. Electric current therapy is a therapeutic treatment to aid in reducing pain and promote tissue healing. Small electrical impulses intersect deep in the tissue causing the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers, reducing swelling, atrophy, and increasing circulation. Ligament sprains and muscle strains often respond to this treatment. Most patients describe the treatment as a feeling of pins and needles.

Patient Benefits

  • Decreases painful symptoms

  • Reduces soft tissue swelling

  • Develops muscle tone

  • Restores flexibility

  • Promotes healing


Therapeutic Treatment

Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality using high frequency sound waves applied in the region of soft tissue injuries. The sound waves vibrate as fast as a million times per second and penetrate deep into the body’s soft tissue creating heat. The rise in temperature increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasm, massages damaged tissue, and accelerates the healing process. The vibrations help break down and disperse unhealthy calcium or scar tissue accumulations. Most patients feel nothing during the session except a pleasant warming and relaxing sensation in the tissue under the skin.

Patient Benefits

  • Diminishes nerve irritation

  • Reduces calcium deposits

  • Softens scar tissue

  • Reduces muscle spasm and swelling

  • Often helps shoulder, elbow, knee, and other sports related injuries


Therapeutic Treatment

Diathermy is a form of shortwave electro-magnetic energy used to increase the temperature of soft tissues a couple of inches below the skin surface. Unlike a heating pad, which heats the surface of the skin first, diathermy energy field starts with heating the deeper dense tissues below the surface. It feels pleasantly warm, and the energy field relaxes muscles and connective tissue, increases circulation, and reduces pain.

Clinical research shows that diathermy is beneficial for disc herniation or disc degeneration because of its ability to produce a deeper heating of the disc and related tissue.

Patient Benefits

  • Speeds Healing

  • Improves deep circulation

  • Stimulates white blood cell production

  • Helps prevent adhesion and scar tissue

  • Helps heal disc herniation or disc degeneration

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