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Exercise Intro

Living Motion System

Biomechanical exercises are sets of repetitive stretches and strengthening maneuvers designed to promote strength in the spine, soft tissues, and other joints of the human frame. The exercises are done in optimal posture and balanced movement, exercising the muscles by using gravity and traction or resistance and stretching.

Bones of the body and more importantly the vertebrae of the spine are held together by muscles and ligament. Proper motion and biomechanical position of these bones and soft tissues are crucial for proper nervous system function, blood circulation, good posture, and tissue nutrition. Repatterning and strengthening can occur while performing these repeated exercises and maneuvers in good biomechanical positions.

The reason biomechanical exercise therapy is necessary are that most people seek professional help some time after an injury. By that time, fibrotic scar tissue from the repair process has changed the elasticity and strength of supporting soft tissues. Our exercises are design to promote these damaged tissues to stretch and strengthen.

Most exercises take time to get results. Our exercise programs averages four to eight weeks of training on special machines listed such as the Motion Machine. Compared to surgery, exercise therapy is inexpensive and more effective in speeding recovery, stabilization, strength, and prevents relapses.

Patient Benefits

  • Increases range of motion

  • Retrains damaged muscles and soft tissue

  • Helps adjustments hold

  • Improves stabilization or core strength in the spine

  • Pumps and nourishes spinal discs and joints

  • Speeds recovery

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