Sample Day for Health - 2-4 times per year

Give yourself the greatest gift you can…… optimum health.
Sample Day: Explore Our Holistic Services for One Dollar a Minute.
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Biomechanical Motion Analysis: This includes observing and identifying biomechanical dysfunctions by watching the gait and/or movement of the human body during running, walking, baseball pitching, golf swings, etc. This analysis also includes Active Release Techniques® on these areas and then re-analysis of movement. Average session 20 minutes.

Living Motion System: Revolutionary exercise system using smooth resistance and stretching against delron bars while utilizing natural postural and biomechanical movement. Average session 10 minutes and is FREE, no charge.

Chair Massage: Our certified massage therapists, offer a chair style sample of their expertise in swedish massage, shiatsu, myofacial release, deep tissue, and acupressure. Average session 10 minutes.

• Hourly Drawing: Win a free 1 hour Massage session, free samples or other services.
• Bring in a friend who signs up for 10 minutes and get 10 minutes for yourself.
• Nutritional & Cosmetic samples from leading professional grade companies.
• 15% off most Nutritionals and Supplies.
• Food, drinks & music.